"Principessa Valentina" can offer direction, study, design, research, production, rental, sale, recovery and restoration of:

  • Historical costumes, theatrical and cinematographic
  • Fantastic costumes for all types of creative or magical invention
  • Traditional and folk costumes for pageants, festivals and celebrations
  • Formal suits and dresses for parties, weddings, special occasions, major events
  • Uniforms, military items, clothes parts, decorations, footwear, and accessories for wars of all times
  • Hairstyles, hats, wigs, theatrical and cinematographic tricks
  • Jewelry and historical jewels, in metal, gold, silver and gem stones
  • Footwear, leggings, shoe covers of any material, size, shape, and historical period
  • Leather accessories, holsters, belts, waistcoats, bandoliers, corsets
  • Weapons of all ages, armor, surplices, helmets, breastplates and trophies
  • Cannons, culverins, forks, war machines, accessories for military camps
  • Banners, flags, signs, painted or embossed altarpieces
  • Souvenirs and museum merchandising
    all items are available for every historical period, function and size.

Design of logos, trademarks, public relation, advertising and marketing for municipalities, organizations, associations, castles, local "theme", historic houses, cultural and artistic heritage sites, etc.

Design, realization and installation of fornitures for private or rented homes, castles, historic houses.

Study and realization of entertainment gadgets - also on demand - concerning specific subjects, historical or tied to local traditions; heraldry of important families, institutions, etc. also on consignment.

Design, manufacture, sale or rental of small or large sets, structures, backdrops, special stage furniture for indoor and outdoor.