Prova Laboratorio espanol




Operating as a Study and Research Centre for three generations, since 1994, it is also developed as an artistic laboratory of design and craftsmanship under the name "Principessa Valentina" in honor of Valentina Visconti, daughter of Gian Galeazzo, Duke of Milan. The charming Medieval princess, character the helm, wife of Louis de Valois brother of the King of France, Charles VI and Domina of Asti from 25 to 30 June 1389 stayed right in the palace headquarters of the Laboratory, where you can still visit the ruins Romans, the medieval hall or climb to the upper floors to relive the emotions of the past. Supplier of the Italian Federation of Historical Games, the Asti Palio, the Principality of Monaco, Baroque Noto, just to name a few, has exported its products in some of the most beautiful Italian and foreign cities: Florence, Milan, Pavia, Venice , Rome, Taormina, Caserta, Ragusa, Iglesias, Palmanova, Paris, Amboise, Blois, Monaco, Munich, Koln, Sidney, Salzburg, Miami, New York, Madrid, Cairo, Beijing, Dubai .... He has collaborated and also works with film, television, RAI, Mediaset, NHK, SKY, LA7, BBC, CNN, with famous international directors and theater companies, with inspectorates and ministries, cultural associations, institutions, castles, stately homes, historic groups, schools, local governments, provincial and regional tourist association, travel agencies and entertainment, restaurants, museums, chivalric and military orders, nobility, private.